The Subtleties Of Chores & Unlocked Doors Lyrics

Des Ark

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Lyrics to The Subtleties Of Chores & Unlocked Doors
The Subtleties Of Chores & Unlocked Doors Video:
I've been hanging around this girl and she wanted to date
I liked her just fine, but boy I'd love to fuck her
I met her at a party when the cops rode up
She asked to take me home so I hopped in her truck

We kicked up at the gravel on the way to her door
Wasn't five minutes 'til my clothes were on the floor
I've been hitting at the bottle since the sun went down
And I was willing for whomever was around

Anyways it's nice knowing there's a pretty girl
On the other end of all my long ended letters
And I scribbled and I scrabbled and I score from the road

It was getting pretty heavy so I proposed a plan
Said I'd like to try at being your girlfriend
She knew how to drink from the bottom of the shelf
She could make them laugh until they pissed themselves

I figured if we could settle for the string of the town
If we could settle for friends who hang around
If we could settle for disappointment,
Then I think that we can learn to settle for this

She was a mess, and I was a mess
I thought it be a good idea to get rest together
But when I came home I was feeling much better
So I packed my shit and left

There was this boy that I found sweet
Sometimes I crawl under his covers late at night
We don't fuck, we barely speak
He just wraps me in his arms real tight

And when he breathes on the back of my neck,
When he brushes my skin against his
It feels good to know I've got my patience book

We've got pills to ease our pain
And we've got bodies to hush our loneliness
There's enough of the two, I think we're gonna make it through all right

We can get naked together
Take a turn and it's whatever
Just as long as we suffer from one another
You can hold my hand but you can never hold my heart
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