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The Strength To Dream

Lyrics to The Strength To Dream
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Lately I feel that I'm going under
Sometimes I don't wanna see tomorrow
All I need is to hold the dream
Just to touch the dream
Can it ever happen?
Oh, your true sincerity
Your kindness means so much to me
But sometimes it feels like nothing is real
Except this pain and dark uncertainty

Lately I've been feeling more like giving it all away
There's been a black cloud over me
And now I feel the rain
My dreams never seem to leave me to the open road
And cracks have slowly begun to show
In the bridge from here to my only goal

In the ebb of my mind I try
To climb the tower of strength
What can fill this cold empty void
Of what I fear will never be
I find that I follow
Pathways that lead me nowhere

The truth is I am chained to my ideals
And I can't change it
But something in me yearns to win
I know real love is there to find us
If I ever stop believing
I'll always find the strength to dream
But for now depression smiles down upon me
Oh, what I would give to know you.
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