The State Of Mankind Lyrics

In Solitas

The State of Mankind

Lyrics to The State Of Mankind
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Standing here once again my heart has begun to shudder
Words fail me with an inadequate stutter

My eyes fall to the valley below as my hands begin to tremble
Thoughts become words as I say to myself,
?dead men tell many tales so why is it that humanity repeatedly fails??
Envy and greed, lust and pride; just some of the vices that keep us divided
Keeping conversations infinitely one-sided

Why is it so easy for people to fade away?
The city burns, yet we willingly stay

Why does the mother turn on her brother?
Why does the father exploit his daughter?
Why does the master mold hearts of plaster?
Why does the leader bite the hand that feeds her?

The state of mankind causes flesh to weep

Ladies and gentlemen gather your young -
Bring out your rich, carry out your poor
I?m speaking to all of those who still believe
There is hope for the state of mankind
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