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Bury The Light

Lyrics to The Spider's Thread
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In total darkness, slime is the air that I breathe
The stifled choking of sinners is all that I hear
Forever drowning, clawing for life in a bloody sea
But after ages, I feel something new to be near

A thread in the blackness above!

I start the climbing, pulling myself up the thread
Unto the heavens, hand over hand to a great salvation
Up many miles, the Mountain of Needles is small down below
My arms grow tired, ascending the silk to escape damnation

Looking down, I see a line
A thousand sinners close behind
Return to hell
This thread is mine!

Oh! Can I ever hope to recover?
Back into the sea
The heaving depths of my misery

No! Can I hope again to discover
A thread to set me free
To end the torture of history?
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