Lyrics to The Special
The Special Video:
From my parked car window on the passenger side
She be leanin over to me telling me you can't rely
On anything in this world
With the teardrops falling from her fake green eyes
And the makeup running I believe in every lie
Over and over again break me until I bend

She is so crazy she is so far above
She know what I will need and so
So treats me with her love
Forever's not long enough
Tomorrow's too far away
She gives me what I need and so
I give her what she takes
She is the special for my pain
And I need the special for my pain

Do whatever you want you know I'm gonna do whatever I want

With the streetlights hummin under starlit skies
She be running to her cousins telling them you can't rely
On turning boys to men (bitch)
And so she shows me loving and I free my mind
But the lovin isn't loving and a stain is all she finds
So she calls it romance
Hey baby that's the dance

Repeat Chorus
Come on over here baby
That's what I need

Repeat Chorus
For my pain for my pain for my pain baby

Why don't you come over here now
Give me what I need
You know I think about you all the time
Don't even sweat me like that
I take what I want
You take what you want
What you crying for
Come on now

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