The Sound Of Your Heart Lyrics

Four Year Strong

Four Year Strong

Lyrics to The Sound Of Your Heart
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Take a second to discover that your skin is getting tougher
I suffered from a classic case of "nobody cares"
You've been building your walls up as high as you can
What's the point of fighting back if you know you can't stand alone?

It's time that you realize those days are gone
And they're never coming back

So this is the sound of your heart
Well I thought it would be louder
The beats might be too far apart
When they slow to a stop you'll be dying to get back to the start

Sell your soul for a ticket to ride
You've been trying to find a reason to feel more alive
I've been calling the shots for as long as I can
So you're on your own and now you know what it's like to stand alone

Show me the light in your heart
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