Lyrics to The Son Of Jesus
The Son Of Jesus Video:
Jesus had a son by Mary Magdalene and he rode the land like the man who went before young Jesus raised him loud, mother Mary raised him proud and he tracked the men who laid his father down one day the Pilate died with the fire in his side Herod did die too not the way he wanted to see the child knew the secrets of Egypt and Isis Magdalene remembered when the people smiled and had been looser looser than they'd been since the day young Jesus died public execution enhanced by levitation fancy mutilation for 2.000 years of time Jesus could walk on the water the man could dance on the sea of Galilee but don't try breathing the water miracles go only so far you see so you think young Jesus Christ never a lady and you think young Mary never saw him smile wide and free you won't read it in the bible and if you look you're liable that come across the truth about the man from Galilee she= the man upon the water they had a son they had a daughter she hid them from the slaughter in the deep Black Sea God loved the son of Jesus Ol' God got off on the spaklin' daughter too, yes he did Jesus could walk on the water the man could dance on the Sea of Galilee

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