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Lyrics to The So-called 4th Sect
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Comes a time, a change of pace springs to mind
What is truth as come from you, if I may
Seeing things, nothing new, I wrote it down
I was sober enough to see

Now that I've come this far on my way
Grind my teeth, stay a while, raise a smile
What is left, I couldn't say if I tried
I was sober enough to see

What a waste of life, not to turn around
Nobody does that, no one I know
What a waste of mind, told what to think
That might be pride to you but I don't care

Clearly I see all those little things gone wrong
Great war - fight for peace - headlines, I'm not applauding that

How they tune for dissonance and clashing wills
But I'm sober enough to see

What now under the sun, heads up! but nothing changes here
Besides of that I've got, I've got most everything
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