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Lyrics to The Simple Life
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I've been thinking of the simple life
I'd like to have with you
We could build a house in the hills
modest place where we could stay

and my friends from the states would visit
wondering why I've thrown it all away
I feel strange with this language
which I haven't spoken in a while

Well my friends, this is the simple life

our kids were one thousand in the yard
filthy, join us in the living room
they ask me who my friends are
before I met them what was my life like

So I haul boxes from the basement
and try to explain what I used to do
going through, all the press and photos
my children say, "that barely looks like you"

Well my kids, that was not a simple life

so I put on my funny looking sandals
head down to the market for some food
and I scratch my beard and have a good beer
and go alone on a long walk with you

with my wife, walking through the simple life
well my kids, tell my friends goodbye
it's time my friends, to go back to the good life
oh, it's such a simple life
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