The Sidera Laser Gun Massacre Lyrics


Grave New World

Lyrics to The Sidera Laser Gun Massacre
The Sidera Laser Gun Massacre Video:
We crossed the ozone with green flaming eyes
Your fingers point up to the sky
A wicked gift from universe
Get ready for the massacre

The Sidera laser gun massacre

The sound of laser guns comes flashing down
When your bodies fall to the ground
Taste our rage, right in your face
We are the electro-elected race

Thousands years of civilization
Nothing but an useless generation
Slaves barcode faced
Called human race
There're no chance left for your nations
For the Earth colonisation
Now your own disgrace has an alien face
No chainsaw roars

Now we see every human being
Begging for mercy on their knees
The scanned quag of existence
Drowns your silicon steps
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