Lyrics to The Showdown
The Showdown Video:
Oscar Myer weiner,
Nasty fascist schemer.
Another verbal offense,
Another misdemeanor.

Teasing in the playground the centre of attention,
Throwing punches gather 'round it's after school detention.
Sit up straight and pay attention.
Sitting in the classroom waiting for the bell,
Will there be another fight who can really tell yeah.
Throw paper planes drive teacher insane.

Running for the school bus and look who's already there,
There's not a teacher in sight and everyone's all there yeah.
I will not run and I will not hide,
This is a matter of my pride.
So I raise my fist and throw a punch yeah,
Connecting with a bonejarring crunch.

Sticks and stones will break my bones,
But your names will never hurt me.
[Repeat x2]
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