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We had lived a blessed time but we knew nothing
Now we know even less on the Shining Path
The moon so full, we run to catch it - this kindly light
Bathes us all as we walk on the Shining Path
We are blind - we hear nothing - we know nothing
So we can live without blame
We don't know where we're going, but we know
That all things will be ours on the Shining Path

A living secret, in silent darkness: abominations
As soft and discreet as Uranium
Your silver voice called us to action, the parts we play
Are illusions that seem like we really are.
If we were different some other time we don't remember
But there is one thing we know -
There is nothing in explanation, and we can see
You and I hand in hand on the Shining Path

From now, when you hear us we're a whisper on the wind
And when you look there's nothing
Only the flicker of a dying fire...

Nous entendons ta voix d'argent, tu nous appele
Une fois pour toute sur l'chemin éclaire
La lune si pleine - nous la poursuivons - cette belle lumiere
Nous baigne doucement sur l'chemin éclaire
Nous sommes aveugles - ne pas comprendre - ne pas entendre
C'est pour vivre sans honte;
Nos destinations - nois les ignorons - mais nous esperons
Que nous aurons tous sur le chemin éclaire

...On the shining path
...On the shining path
...On the shining path
...On the shining path
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