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The Dead Eye

Lyrics to The Shifter
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Generic, symbolic bullshit
Simplified, cliche rehash
It's all streamlined, adjusted to match
Pimped-up junk rides and a minimum life span
Consider a truth (and you hate it)
It's all just a game to you (so you lose)
I'll give you a clue (a foul taste to prove)
If you do what they pay you to do - what are you?
A common thief should feel more pride than you
Washed out, dumbed down crash site
No brian conceptional straight faced lies
An army of well-dressed mannequins
House-broke clones without a clue as to why and what for...
The harder you fight it (the more you lose)
Because it's all right there (in the fine print)
Never mind how you go about it
The sad truth; it's just a part of the process...
A common thief should feel more pride than you
Move - move the goods
Push - keep pushing the product
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