Lyrics to The Shepherd
The Shepherd Video:
See the time it's taken
See the vows they're breaking
See the hope it's making, forward as they must

See the path you're weaving
See the code you're leaving
All the cold deceiving shattered down to dust

I'm a weary rider
I'm the new messiah
I'm a take you higher and place you on your throne
I'm the line of Judah
I'm the Prada Sutra
I'm your father's tutor come to take you home

And so you're gonna come home

I'm the line of David
Elijah, Mohammad and Jacob
I am naked sacred breaking down the wall

You are faster deeper
You will tire of sleep
Yeah, take your heart from weeping as you hear I call

You're gonna come home

I'm the Shepherd of ages
Wild and contagious
I'm the end of hatred, calm belies my hold

I'm the call to giving
Love for those still living
Mercy and forgiving to those within my fold

You are day time, nighttime
You see me when I shine
Silently enter my mind, step up to your throne

I'm the rain that's falling
I'm the new age crawling
And I am calling calling come to take you home

We're gonna come home
Everybody come home
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