The Shade Of It All Lyrics

Alaska Thunderfuck


Lyrics to The Shade Of It All
The Shade Of It All Video:
Once there was a time
I thought that I
never would be without you
Now I look around and find
Im on my own
And I cant stop thinking about you
Hard to be on the bottom once youve been on the top
Had a good thing going didnt want it to stop
Oh why,
Its a lonely Christmas morning.
Now Im out in the rain,
and I cant find the sun
My summer vacation has turned into fun
The shade of it all

Now Im so far away (whered you go, whered you go)
Without a home (shes homeless)
Like a moon without a sun (wheres the sun, wheres the sun)
Looking for a friendly face
I see so many (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, Aaahhh)
But they only just remind me of one
Now Im trying to swim while Im watching you fly (Ooooooooo)
Feeling so low so I try to stay high to fight (Hiieeee)
Away all this hurting (hurting)(Ooo)
And I try to look strong (strong)
But Im feeling so weak
And I try to act big (so big)
But you know that Im small
The shade of it all

Whys it gotta be like this
I cant be the only one on earth to feel like this
Look around and I see
Ive got the strength inside me
And its been there (its been there)
Yeah, its been there (oh its been there)
All along
All along
OOoh oooh
Now Ive got a brighter day
Its not the end (its not the end)
No, it seems the storys just begun
Weve gotta fight away the shade
Lets start today
And we all can shine on as one
So lets take all the hate, and replace it with love
Take a journey below so we can get up above
And the world can start rejoicing
Youre a beacon of light
And youll shine through the dark
We can light up the world all it takes is a spark, thats all
We can light up
The shade of it all
Doo doo doo do do
Doo do do duh doo do do do
Lalalalalala woah
Duh duh dah duhduhduh
Duh duh duh duhduhduh (so shady boots)
Ooh, The shade of it all
Dah dah dah dah dah
Ah dah dah dah dahdahdah
Ah shalalalalala woah
Da da da da da da
Ah dah dah dah dahdahdah
(Shade of It all)
(So shady)
(So shady)
(So shady boots)
We can light up the shade of it all

(Thanks to madison for these lyrics)
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