The Scent Of Eve Lyrics

Celestial Season

Solar Lovers

Lyrics to The Scent Of Eve
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[lyrics: Stefan Ruiters]

...and I find light in the tears
from your eyes
...and I hope in the tears we cry
for now we cannot
let them fall anymore
in the light of day we can only sigh
the twilight embraces our souls uproar
through the woods we'll run
where natures caress is sweet
in solitude we find each other
I trace your warmth
you treasure my strength
in these days we share tomorrow
exiled you once were
and exiled we are now
in the barest part of our shared nature
because I sank so deep deep to find you
I stare at your face
the untouchable one
I wantedt to touch hold it
but life turns away...forever...
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