The Sabotage (Brussels) Lyrics

Matt Olsson

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Lyrics to The Sabotage (Brussels)
Twelve cold nights in Brussels, in exile. With my love by my side, and all the eyes of Europe upon us. The curtains drawn, their traps are set, it's us against them but I've a plan, an idea, it's all we have, our only option.

If we split and go our separate ways. They can't catch us both, no they can't catch us both. But if you should be captured or worse, I will find you. It's all we have, our only option.

It's new moon, it's pitch black, the night is on our side and I feel the rush, the pull, of every odd stacked in our favor. Oh, tonight, it has to be, we have to split up. If they get us both, it's over, just say goodbye to what hundreds have already died for.

You take the road, and I will take the alley. Meet me new tomorrow at Two Windmills. Go with my love, you mean everything to me. The time it is right, everything is still.
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