The $20 Sack Pyramid Lyrics

Dr. Dre

The Chronic

Lyrics to The $20 Sack Pyramid
The $20 Sack Pyramid Video:
Damn, seems like always something with the fucking TV
Motherfucking cable off
Hey, bring me something to drink
Yeah, that motherfucking Crazy Horse will do, that'll work
Ain't shit on this motherfucker
Oh shit, what the fuck is this?!

Hey motherfuckers, welcome back to the $20 Sack Pyramid
I'm your host, Motherfucking O.G. Henny Loc
And we're back with our two final contests
Duck Motherfucking Mouth and Bootny Lee Farnsworth
They'll be playing for a $20 sack of indo
And a $35 gift certificate to the Compton swap meet
Alright, y'all bitches for 30 seconds to answer 5 motherfucking questions
Lonnie, you ready with that clock? Well let the games begin

Alright man. We gotta do that shit man. We need to do this shit right now
Alright, man, we got to do this shit, man
Hell yeah, man, fuck that the whole neighborhood is watching and everybody's watching
We can do this shit right now
We gotta do this shit right now, Okay. You ready?
Hell yeah man, come on!
Hey man, you ready?
I'm ready
I'm ready, let's go!

Indo! Uhh ... uhhh ... Cali! .. uhhh Buddha!
Shit, shit I used to sell ... uhhhm
Hocus Pocus
Oh, things that people smoke!
Right! That's it that's it

Oh, oh fuck me in the ass
Oh, oh, step to me and let me suck your dick
Oh, things that Tim Dog would say
Yeah, that's it right now
Oh yeah!
Come on keep going man, hurry up!

Uhh, uhh, VCR's, oh, TV's and shit
All them socks and shit
Oh, that box in your room and shit
Oh, Oh, shit I came up on loot!
That's it, That's it right there
Yeah, that's it come on hurry up, man, hurry up

Uhh, En Vogue, oh, Halle, Halle, Halle Berry
Shit. Bitches? Oh, bad bitches?
Yo, uhh, your Auntie Clarisse
Oh, bitches I wanna fuck
That shit right there, that shit
Come on, hurry up we got 5 seconds

Okay, Okay, oh, oh, I know D.O.C
Dre gonna do my music and shit, uhh, uhh
Snoop and me, we go to the swap meet
Oh! oh, I know, I know!
Things that niggas be saying to get the pussy!
That's it, that's it right there!

That shit, That shit

Give me my motherfucking weed, Give me my motherfucking weed!
It's all right there, baby!
Give me my weed, give me my $35 to go to the motherfuckin' swap meet! Bitch! Uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh ...

I'm in the money, I'm in the money, I'm in the money, I'm in the money!!!! Hey Snoop! Hey Bootny!
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