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Lyrics to The Root Of The Thing
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Well, I left with my father's tears staining my shirt
It seemed the second opinion supported the first
And though he could keep his composure in the face of the worst news
My brother would be dead before it snowed

A crow in the park across the street was attacking
Some tourist eating lunch and I just burst out laughing
When he waved around his paper as if he were acting
In some Shakespeare in the Park show

The bus doors split open but I didn't get on
I peered up at the driver through two metal arms
And I asked him, "Friend, how close do you feel to God?"
And then he pulled closed the doors and was gone

And so I walked for an hour to get to my apartment
And the lot around the building was crowded with carts
And old boxes with bodies all wrapped-up inside them
A man in the dumpster looked on

So I called to him, "Neighbor, what keeps you on living?"
And he grinned with a gleam in his eye
He told me, "Boy, I've not one thing to show for myself
And that's why I'm not ready to die
You see, the emptiness keeps me alive"

Upstairs, I called an old girlfriend to see if she'd remember me
Well, she sighed and replied, "I know we once held so tenderly"
But you face has since been lost in an ocean of memories
And I'm just not cut out for the sea, see?"

And so I went for another walk around through town when it got later
The scene looked like an old photograph- the streets signs were fading
To nothing, but someone was calling my name
When a car almost ran me right through

I spun and careened like a drunk in an alley
And collapsed on the steps of a church
The muddled song of the goers broke through and charged at me
And I wondered how many were cursed

As I ran and I ran and I ran and I ran and I ran and I ran and I ran and I ran

And then I came to a market where I'd never been
And a girl at the register, she saw me walk in
And I begged to her, "Sister, confess to me your sins
So I might forget what I'm in"

Well, she took me on home and she poured me some coffee
And I helped with the dishes and we listened to Morrissey
As we slept and we talked about denial and prophesy

And then we came to the root of the thing
Yeah, we came to the root of the thing
That's when I left her and came here to sing
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