Lyrics to The Road
The Road Video:
Listen to me closely
There's so much I want you to know
Is it cool if I take it slowly?
Suddenly I feel alive

I've been waiting for this
A place in my mind where I feel free
Free to do whatever I please
Please, stick with me for one more night?

Constantly, I'm searching
Every step I take is a risk
Doubts will come but surely, they'll miss me
I've had enough of this state

There on the horizon
Every possibility shows
That there's always something to hold on to
If we truly believe

My bags are all packed
Filled with all I want to be
Hollow for all that is new
The road, it is calling for me

A journey I'll seek
Through darkened valleys I'll walk
A pilgrim's path to complete
The road it is calling for me
It's calling for me
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