The Right Place Lyrics

Aaron Watson

Honky Tonk Kid

Lyrics to The Right Place
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Lord don't you walk with a little
Sawin' on a fiddle and the crying of a steel guitar
Coming from the heart and soul
Born and bred in the ole Lone Star
Get them honky tonkin' blues
Let them be your saving grace
If you want to hear some country
Then you've come to the right place

You miss Waylon, if it don't make you smile
Like Willie and George Jones
You better stick around a while
You like Merle, Buck and Johnny
We might just get along
But if you don't, go slap your mommy
Cause your momma raised you wrong


I like gravy on my biscuit, I like my chicken fried
I drink my coffee black, I sure like my Charlie Pride
Well I still solute ole Glory and I give glory to the lord
I tip my hat to ole E.T. and his Texas Troubadours

Songwriters: HODGSON, ROGER
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