The Right Kinda Lover Lyrics

Patti LaBelle


Lyrics to The Right Kinda Lover
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(verse 1)
o i got a man(yeah)
sho-nuff a reel man(uh huh)
good ol' man
is what i got
good ol' man
says he helps a lot
a real man
gone be tender
maybe thats the kind of man i need
for his love i will surrender
cuz he'll keep his mind on pleasing me
cuz hes da


right kind of lover
i'll never need another
sho nuff hes got the stuff
hes the right kind of lover for me

(verse 2)

an interesting conversation
every once in a while
always prompt and attentive
cuz mi diamond knows that dime is my star
cuz hes da


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Songwriters: Wright, Jimmy / Nesby, Ann / Lewis, Terry / Harris Iii, James Samuel
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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