Lyrics to The Rhythm
The Rhythm Video:
Let's go footloose with style points You can't afford to lose or loosen up your joints because The way you flaunt your faces With your side-swept bangs and their conscious placement Tonight life breathes unwanted air To the bars and streets and the looks and glares I spend nights without a place to go But side to side in my room with a radio Spinning circles on a circuit breaker I lost my balance and thought how You make me move Like I do in my room I'm on your heartbeat now Over these words I feel the rhythm And I just hope I can move I won't ask for your lips Just your hips And for them to shake to this Let's take our chances out from under all these lights I went down the stairs to the floor And said, ?What am I leaving for?? I've got these maps and plans but I don't want to drive And when we find our way to the place we wanted through the years We're gonna chase those stars and relay lights all the way back here Are you ready for this one? Are you ready to play? I want you to listen I want you to stay

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