The Rest Of Our Lives Lyrics

J Minus

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Lyrics to The Rest Of Our Lives
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6 months to the day
and things got complicated
disguises were removed
introduced to someone new
he thinks he's always right
she thinks she's never wrong
they collide, but somehow they belong
she needs what he's got but he don't really want to give everything
he knows he loves her
but he's just not sure
can he be what she needs when she bleeds, when she screams
no one understands me
can anybody help me?

you and i on a roller coaster were getting closer
to who we are on the inside

2 years to the day
and they've learned to meet half way
the water's calm
as one they float along
as they grow and they change
one thing remains the same
through the best and the worst
when it's good, when it hurts
there's no one closer on this Earth

there's no turning back
I'm proud of what we have
I'll see you everyday
trusting in every single way
I have only one thing left to say to you
I do

you and I
as we grow older I pull you closer
you and I
for the rest of our lives
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