The Repeat Of Underestimated Allures Lyrics


Alchemists Earth Of Aeon A.C.

Lyrics to The Repeat Of Underestimated Allures
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In our town we see many young men
Loving, distracting, seducing lovers
Making our daughters become women
And reaping their self-respect

They spread their seeds like rain in a storm
And door by door and on they go
The masks they hold keep them in form
They think they must reveal them low

It makes me sick to see this shame
What can I do, they've turned this loose
I hate to see they're all the same
I hate that females are in a noose

The tragedy, the sorrow, the misery
The low self esteem and no blistering
They bind them, they're not free
They get captives in cloistering

And I resist all temptations
To become like those men
I believe in loving relations
But not over and over again.

What refused me was for sure
That sex without love has no allure
We men should not underestimate
The intensity you leave behind

And as men are visually minded
Women tempt with their clothing
Some men wish they were blinded
it's annoying and it's frothing

It hurts and slowly cures
Make it secure with beautiful allures

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