Lyrics to The Recollections
The Recollections Video:
I know of a former significant other
Who came to me about our troubled past, well
Significance is only what you make it
I've given you so much and it's time I take it back

I know of an acquaintance in some form or another
Who spoke to me about love and sex
"Whenever I see couples, it always gives me hope
That I might be falling in love next."

So subtle, so shallow
So subtle, so shallow

I know of a former one nite lover
Who I walked in on - hands in her face, crying
I never could relate to her antagonizing pain
She said to me "Baby, I think I'm dying"

I tell her "It's not your fault
That's just the way things are
It's alright,
Stop all your crying."

She said "You tell me it's not my fault
You tell me to stop crying.
You tell me I'm alright,
I'm not alright."

If only I knew what to feel.
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