Lyrics to The Reckoning
The Reckoning Video:
A man rises in the morning and looks out on his kingdom
And he says it's good
The walls have crumbled, the streets are flooded
Everything's right where he put it
And over there in the east the sun is burning down
On the meek and the wicked alike
He says, "friends, come listen, do you hear that din in the distance?
That's what justice sounds like"
A voice spoke out and said, "sir I have no doubt
That justice is somewhere out there
But between the rising growl and the siren's howl it's just
Getting a little hard to hear
And I mean no disrespect but I have one question
As we stare out into the sun
How can you stand all that blood on your hands
When you know as well as anyone
That you're gonna be judged someday

You see I heard you saying that this price is worth paying
For a paradise in bloom
And begging your pardon but we're a long way from the garden
And it doesn't look like we'll be back any time soon
And I heard your plea that this would all be much easier
If everyone would stop complaining
But if I may speak plainly, sir, don't stand there pissin' on my foot
And try to tell me it's raining
So forgive me if I don't understand
The complexities of the reborn righteous man
Who reaches out with Cain's helping hand
And forgive me if I can't comprehend
The grace and mercy in
Your conceit and ignorance of consequence
But you're gonna be judged someday

You see, I rose this morning and I looked out on the rubble
And it was more than I could take
And I realized everything I see before me
Is everything you left in your wake

Who will pay for this?
Who will pay for all of this?"
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