Lyrics to The Reason
The Reason Video:
Whats the reason behind a lie if she'll find out anyway
whats the reason behind a lie if she wont find out again
how's he leaning, hes a friend if you know hes stoned again
whats the reason behind a lie?
sometimes it hurts
sometimes it hurts

how can a future plan fuck up if it was planned just yesterday
and you swear she'll never lend, you dont borrow anyway
theres no need to hide from friends, they'll find out soon anyway
you could hire a mercedes benz, you'll be friends

all the rich will follow suit, if it makes them skint again
still the poor will imitate, keep the trend up properly
all i think about when i write, is if it will make any sense
you can slate me all you like
you're a dyke
you're a dyke
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