Lyrics to The Ravens Eye
The Ravens Eye Video:
The city was still asleep while morning just awoke,
suddenly I heard a scream and it struck
right into my heart as nothing did before.
a touch of infinity and then nothing more
A raven sat in front of the window of my room,
bound to me by magic knowledge ready to seal our doom.
Taking possession of my soul he spreads his wings and flies away,
over streets and houses into the dawning day
Is this for real or is it just a dream,
Through the clouds he's taking me to where I have never been.

Flying high, all over the empty sky,
seeing the world through the ravens eye
and now eternity's close at hand
... all over the empty sky,
seeing the world though the ravens eye,
it's time for mankind to make a stand

Down in this cold and lonely street
I see an old man broken and in poverty.
"You passed him every day, but have you ever seen his needs?
You carried on your way tied up in the chains of society"
" And look through the window there on the other side,
can you see them crying the women and child?
Beaten once again by the man she used to love!
Have you realized you live in the flat above!
Brd. My thoughts now collide, have I lived my life that blind?
Is this for real or just a dream? For I am...


"And over there on the other side of town,
can you see the chimneys rising from the ground?
Do you know about the poison smoke they set free?
Is this how you want your children's life to be?
You rape our mother and you don't even spend your nights
turning from side to side without any sleep from your inner fights.
All of your kind must be deaf and blind
for you neither see her bleed nor hear her cry!"

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