Lyrics to The Queen
The Queen Video:
"You probably don't remember, but I made it a point to anyway"
As long as I can
I think you might remember
A tree in Seven Valleys with golden string
A promise we made for every day
And we're taking names, not taking traits
Mind you
You are the bulbs hanging from the ceiling on a sinewy string
Mind you
You're beyond me
There's something to be said for being spoken for
A certain solidarity
And you handle me with such a delicate demeanor
You know what I'll think
It's about who you love
It's about who you tell
And my voice carries more than it should but not now
It's not the thought that counts, it's the pulling through
Not my mind that wanders
It's your heart that keeps me and mine you
Mind you I can hold my breath forever
For as long as I can
Mind you
My dirty hair in your lap will be the feathers in the grass
But for now your sugar the sap in my selfish glass
You want to be planted beneath the leaves
Bloom and blow with the breeze
But not yet, but not now
"we can always be found"

(Thanks to bima for these lyrics)
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