Lyrics to The Push
The Push Video:
And when I found myself
Framed against the flatlands
A hundred pilots in my arms
The wind, it did pick up
And give a breath
I folded a thousand times before
And in a moments pose
No one knows
Nobody knows what came before

No, it's not enough
All of the heartaches
All of the heartaches
Stacked one on top of the next
Is not enough
The audience was stunned
It was appalling
It's not appalling what they saw
I saw it in a movie once

I came at once to a room of thunderbolts
Electrical charging up my spine
I turn it on, I turn it off
It comes from a box beside my bed
And when I pull on slackened rope
Mechanical increments in time

Pressure in my head
The push is on my tongue
Dirt in my mouth
And water in my lungs
Sunset to the west
And fire in the home
Everything to want
And nothing too to own
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