Lyrics to The Pressure
The Pressure Video:
Talk is cheap
I learned it the hard way
Day in day out
Friends fall off

Become what you thought
They never would
Yourself too man
Is subject to change

When the crew splits up
It affects everything
From what you thought you knew
To what you believe

People grow up
And drop everything like that
Built a wall, but under pressure it cracked

I ask why?
Why'd this have to happen?
Why'd you have to fool me like this?

And I don't get it
Since this is a way of life and you're the one that said it
And you meant it at the time
Everyone moves on and grows up it's fine

I guess it's fine
I guess it's fine
I guess it's fine

Forget what you thought you knew
It's all a lie
People aren't even honest
With themselves most of the time
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