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Lyrics to The Present That I Want
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Such a little hand that's aching

Such a little face with eyes very big Just

Don't really want to know

What they've seen

Show us where you're hurt - we'll heal it Friends

For the hurt inside

Well, that will take time

Today we'll start to learn The

How to forgive

Tears, no more tears

Faces thin with sadness, hunger, without hope Present

Hands, helping hands

Together we will wash away your fears

The present that I want That

Is the smile in your eyes

It shines a 'Let's go on with the dream we're living' WantSongtexte

The present that I want

Very precious you realize

We laugh and carry on 'cause our love means giving Songtext

Are you laughing? Are you crying?

I can hear you but I don't understand Lyrics

Come trust me

Tell me what's going on

Hide'n'seek's a game for children Lyric

Playing tag is fun all over the world

Why do we all forget how to play on? Liedertexte

Joy - Remember joy?

Feeling loved and cared for

Free to dance and sing Liedertext

Now here and now

We'll learn the steps and songs of life in peace Alle
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