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Lyrics to The Prediction
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When the last tree has fallen
And the last game turned to flesh
When the last deer's been hunted dead
What's up when it makes much cash?

Last baby seal has been hooked up
Last tiger also lost its life
For noble ladies dressed in furs
What's up it's for the beauty of my life

For the last threatening sign
When comes the day?
When comes the time?
When gonna be the judgement day?

Whales sink down harpoons in the back
Perish I pain, being chased at any price
Rivers will be dirty and black
They say: what's up!
But we've got just one life
Surgeons turn your face to perfection
The questions: what will be to the latest craze?
Animals get a lethal injection
Screaming out: "We are the human race"

The woodlands are dead
The latest spring has dried up
Too late thinking ahead
Dry sand, look around
You're alone in this land
Nobody's here to hold your hand
It will be a nightmare
Please, please awake
We can't eat money
We are the human rece

When comes the day?
When comes the time?
When will there be the last threatening sign?

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