The Preacher And The Bear Lyrics

Phil Harris

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Lyrics to The Preacher And The Bear
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Now a preacher went out walkin' Was on one Sunday morn' It was against his religion But he took his gun along He shot himself some mighty fine quail And one little "measly" hare But on his way returnin' home He met a great big grizzly bear; Well, the bear got down in the middle of the road On all fours like a great big toad And looked that preacher right square in the eye And the preacher looked at him and said: "Bye-bye." Started down the road and took out to run The bear right after that preacher did come Run and they run for about a mile Then they both sat down and rested awhile The preacher got up - started again The bear he started out with more vim They ran and they ran til he spotted a tree Said: "Up on the limb is the place for me." The bear got close - made a grab for him Preacher leaps up and he made the limb Pulled himself up and turns about Cast his eyes to the skies and he did shout; Refrain: "Oh, Lawd, you delivered Daniel from the lion's den Also delivered Jonah from the belly of the whale and then The Hebrew children from the fiery furnace So the good book do declare Yes! Lord, if you can't help me, For goodness sake don't help that bear." Just about then the limb let go And the preacher came tumblin' down Reached in his pocket, pulled his razor out Just before he hit the ground He hit the ground with an awful bang It was a terrible sight The preacher and the bear, with a razor in his hair Just a-cuttin' left and right Well, they rolled around on the ground The preacher was up and then he was down The bear let out an awful moan It looked like the preacher was holdin' his own "Lord, if I get out of here alive That Good Book I will abide I'll never sin on Sabbath day And Sunday come, I'll pray and pray." To the heavens, he did glance Said; "Lord, just gimme one more chance." Then his suspenders gave away And he knocked that bear ten feet away Then the preacher got up and made a bound To the tree where he'd be safe and sound Pulled himself up and turned about Cast his eyes to the skies and he did shout: Refrain:

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