Lyrics to The Pottercrumb Tinies
The Pottercrumb Tinies Video:
A is for Albus, shot dead by a spell
B is for Bella, who went straight to hell
C is for Cedric, Tom ended his life
D is for Dobby, stabbed dead by a knife
E is for Edgar, they showed him no mercy
F is for Fred, who made up with Percy
G is for Gellert, in prison he died
H is for Hedwig, by unfortunate bride
I is for Ignotus, for death he did follow
J is for James, slain in Godric's Hollow
K is for Karkaroff, found dead in a shack
L is for Lily, not betrayed by Black
M is for Merope, who had birthed the devil
N is for Nagini, beheaded by Neville
O is for Odo, who died a young man
P is for Percival, in Azkaban
Q is for Quirrell, abandoned by Tom
R is for Remus, killed with his son's mom
S is for Sirius, who felled through the veil
T is for Tonks, who did not prevail
U is for Umbridge, we wish she'd expired
V is for Vincent, 'sumed by Fiendfyre
W is for Wormtail, with one final sigh
X is for Xenophilius, for some day he'll die
Y is for You-Know-Who, like Trelawney said
Z is for Zabini, his wife's why he's dead
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