Lyrics to The Pole Song
The Pole Song Video:
Since the beginning of time, girls just ain't got their guys
they've been known to place the blame on that thing between our thighs
they searched our hearts, looked in our eyes, gonna sneak past our souls
but it ain't that hard girls, truth be told, its all how we hold our pole

you can tell a lot about a man, by the way he holds his pole
does he hold it high, does he hold it low,
does he crank it fast or slow
girls you wanna know your man, hey I understand
just head down to a fishing hole
cause you can tell a lot about a man by the way he holds his pole

Billy Joe yea he's been know to hold his all is life
and tractor Ty's the kind of guy to hide his from his wife
and I caught Brian peekin' at mine on day when we trolled
as I was reelin' he gotten the feelin' that he wanted to hold my pole


Yea you know if its cold outside I ain't gonna be out there holdin' mine
my ole' rod may be past its prime but my baby says it works just fine

(Chorus x2)
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