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Lyrics to The Planning Stopped
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Taxi lights break to a stop in a sleep
Where the buildings were 10 stories high
"Good morning" with backs turned
With frowns feeding cold stares
Taking their toll on the washing pile

I was careful not to change you
But I kinda blamed you
For planning the future out
Was careful to trust you
But I know I ignored you for Halo
But you're what I cared about.
The planning stopped.

Car crash collides with a drunk in a cold shirt
With bruises on your lovely right side
Goodnight was a mismatch of timings and routines
That I failed to get right

I was careful...

Christmas was our first
With our ceiling and our dirt with fairy lights jammed in a jar
Trading places providing distraction
Then the happiest moment so far

I was careful...

Neighbors complained, racket volume explained
But our silence was a concern
Knuckles were bleeding and screaming and sliding
Came screeching to a stop

I was careful...

And it's my fault
My fault
My fault
The planning stopped
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