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AaRon Hall

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Lyrics to The Places I Would Kiss...
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Intro: There's so many places i wanna kiss you baby I can't even begin to start I realize I'm not the only man that's ever made love to you But I'm the only man who can keep you Your body's mine, i believe it Chours: All the, the places i would kiss you Oh baby let me kiss you With all my love... All the, the places i would kiss you Oh honey let me kiss you...(yeah yeah yeah) With all my love... Here I am, I'm ready baby My desire is to please you honey I'll consentrate on you There's no other who could do what I do to you Lights down...the mood is right Come on over here and hold me tight You'll fire'll be turned on When I kiss the spots that make you wet and hot Baby surrender to me Chours (1x) You taste so good I love it baby your termbeling out of control honey Those questions on your face Let me know there's no gettin' away You know, I know your body's on I can hear how I make you moan Your moanin' turns me on Kiss your body all night long Baby you know there no one place that Would play on it's own Chours: (1x) Bridge: Baby... you know that I want you So just take me right now I'll love you down baby Like you've never been loved All the places... All the sweet places baby... Yeah yeah yeah yeah...kiss you Let me kiss you

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