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Lyrics to The Place That I Love
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I sit here for hours but I know he's comingWaiting in that old and dirty cafeThrough the windows I see people runningTrying to catch their trainsI lay my paper on the dusty tableI try to read but I raise my headEvery time I see a train is comingThis is what I'd like to sayTake me to the place that I loveTake me to the place of my happinessTo the mountains above; the place I used to loveThe day is over still the rain is fallingA cup of coffee to keep me awakeShould I stay; should I leave; should I go home nowShould I wait for another train?I grab my things; I put my raincoatThis time I'll make it realAnd getting into the train I whisperI know you will ...Take me to the place that I love ...And as I stare out of the windowI can see me home town fading awayGoodbye my friends I have to find my freedomI have to find my wayTake me to the place that I love

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