Lyrics to The Pioneer
The Pioneer Video:
Behind a uniform
Creativity of unique form
Dedicated, test through time
Forced to give and give the live
Spending the night before the screens
Curiosity of human beings
Today the fall is in decay
The future lives and is on it's way

Intensive surgery
Genetic workfactory
Make no friends be suspicious
A woman spy can be so vicious
One flash a day is not enough
Read books while others make love
My satisfaction had no level
Some day I created a devil

Mankind, indigested
Needs the work of a pioneer track
Permanently, occupied
The pioneer is seeking for a hit, yeah

And even is he spends a lifetime
Secrets, games - I construct and claim
Risk to discover - Experiment lover
Fusion Material - Atom label
Accuracy patience - Energy tendence
Stimulate believing - calculate searching
Control be sure - Test again examine
Take off leave - action fire
Improvement through research is positive
Novelties on the market change the way we live
Sometimes investions leads to damage
Among the human race
Progressed technology the industry doesn't care
About the safety
Measure - No more waste
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