The Pilgrim, The Indian And The Witch Lyrics



Lyrics to The Pilgrim, The Indian And The Witch
(The Pilgrim)

My father brought us from a forsaken land
We dreamed about a better life
His head was taken by a savage's hand
He drank the blood spilled by his knife
There lurked another danger out in the wild
She hypnotized me by her spell
The black magician worships Lucifer's smile
Her coven is from the depths of hell

(The Indian)

So you think you're a Christian?
Or murderers with beards?
You say you don't like Injuns
Though we've been here for years
We banish you to the trees
And let her do with you what she please
All the elders know of the witches disease

(The Witch)

Puritan or an Indian?
It doesn't matter to me
All I want is your children
And use their flesh to feed
You burn us at the stake
And say a prayer for heaven's sake
Dancing nude in the woods
Your souls are mine to take

The pilgrim, the Indian and the witch all live in fear
All each others enemies, all believe the end is near
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