Lyrics to The Phone Is Ringing
The Phone Is Ringing Video:
On and off, there's a light that's still dim on the sidewalk outside your place. I still want to stay but it's getting dark. The garbage keeps piling up, the street light's just a fixture of rust. It's colder than hell but I'm still here. So listen in, your ears are ringing. Listen again, I can hear it clearly. It'll lead you home. Walk to it, wander outside and put down your light. There's no moon shining. Now you can't see. My darling, the phone is ringing but you're not waking up. Now I'm alright, hell, I'm just worried that it's going to stop.

Pools of this beneath the staircase, down the hall. An old man sings, stand and listen before he's gone. Keep quiet, keep it to yourself. Don't you tell me, ‘cause I don't want to know what can't be seen. Well, it can't be seen. My darling, the phone is ringing now...
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