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Lyrics to The Persistance Of Memory
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Some say the world should die
Some favour dark to light
Some lose their guiding light
Have and to hold
The fires they set are burning like the flags
And we're lying in the ashes
Our lights inside are dying to a spark
As we're smothered by the darkness
Billboards, TV's
Are feeding on the flames and they're filling up the caskets
It's time, it's time we let them know
And still they keep the right
And still they justify
Gone in a flash of light
Have and to hold
Fresh lies dirt cheap
The children are the price
And we feed them to the machine
The sky turns red
The flame engulfs the flag
The politician needs aspirin
So tired
Can't sleep
Too much TV
Can't take the fear it breeds in me
From person to person to me
The gun passes over me
It makes it way back to me
One flag
One state
Too much
Too late
Let's stop this burning disaster before it gets too late
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