Lyrics to The Perfect Day
The Perfect Day Video:
I woke up late to no alarm,
but no one else was on time.
We waited endlessly,
just to see the sunshine.

"Happy Graduation Tim," we said just as we hit the door.
With fifty bucks for gas, we didn't play at all.

The Perfect Day.
A picture perfect memory being swept away.
Right as rain.
But it was just the rain that flooded out our perfect day.

We made it home and still alive.
We took a dip out in the lawn.
And when the fence broke down,
I knew I'd stayed too long.

We rushed to take our stuff to higher ground so we could play again.
I'm glad I'm stuck here with my friends.

Why are you so far?
I wish I could be with you where you are.
But this has left me stranded.
It's so hard to stand on my own two feet
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