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Lyrics to The Patient And The Coroner
The Patient And The Coroner Video:
Call this a coma
Though I can taste and feel and see
Wide eyes and hands
Opening up the center in me
Call me a cancer
Now that it's all I seem to have
While mother breaks
Roll in that empty, hated bed

Waking up and into the night
Is this is how it feels to be alive
Consequence looks like this
When looking through the end

Dark man dressed in white stood beside
His hand touched my arm
Then he said
Write a chorus like you've never made a song before
Here's an I, there's an A
Make words you've always wanted to believe
You tried and tried to please
Now sing that chorus like you'll sing a song again

Waking up from a dream
Pictures fading out
Holding on desperately
Colors cutting out

You've watched the screaming man
Fade to silence
And you've watched the gasping girl
Breathe her last
Be still now
He's waking
He's waking up
Speak clearly
You're breaking
You're breaking up
Be still now
He's waking
He's waking up
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