The Past Floats Like Stones Lyrics

David Fridlund

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Lyrics to The Past Floats Like Stones
The Past Floats Like Stones Video:
The past floats like stones
In a town up north by the coast
A deserted apartment
That's where my memory goes

And you are almost gone
You're almost out of my mind
Well, you never come to visit
So you'll have to suit yourself

Maybe I'm making the story up as I go
But didn't you tell me
You were an old man when you were
Only nine years old?

The sun climbs around
Scanning the kitchen for life
I'm out of order
Looking down on the city

Maybe I grab after something that's long, long gone
But sad as it may seem
It's those things that keep you going

And you walk and you walk
And the city grows smaller
And you've heard every sound
And you've seen every corner
And you dream and you dream
And you dream of whatever
And you hope for a hand to come pull you away
And you've heard of a bird, of the greatest white bird
And you start every day
Looking out to see if it's coming your way
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