The Party (Oh, My God!) Lyrics

Wild Light

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Lyrics to The Party (Oh, My God!)
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It's so dangerous just to live for a day
When will the party begin? Everybody's hesitating
Stretching their bows... aiming their arrows...

The Bell rings, and the guests come filling in
Beneath the clock, and the Party begins...

Oh, My God!

The broken-hearted parade
The boys coming home from the war
They learned to forget so much
They used to know a whole lot more
But can't afford to live in that part of town no more
They boarded up all the doors!

We were in love when we raised our sails in the air
And now we come home, and it hurts just to breathe around here
Now look in my eyes, you see the blade's about to come down
'Cause boy I ain't your father no more
So don't come around

Oh, My God!
Oh, My God!

Fire, flood, and Hell to pay for a long time
I cut it and ran away onto the downtown wire
The World's Whip raised in the air, my home is below...

Oh, My God!
Oh, My God!
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