Lyrics to The Partner
The Partner Video:
(feat. Ragazzi)

I spent few weeks alone,
had blind dates on the phone,
I've found the remedy.
I'm into lonely hearts, playing with open cards,
it's clear simplicity.
She's younger than myself, attractive, living health,
I'm looking for a partner.
He could be libra or capricorn, slim, blond and London born,
a genuine pal and lover.
She digs being outdoors, likes Britney and the Corrs,
she's in an agency.
Her favourite colour's blue, she's vegetarian, too,
owns real estate at the sea.
I need security, someone with property,
she's the potential partner.
B.b.f. non smoker is a must, in work and faith I trust,
love going to the movies.
Love's a must.
I read the NME, interested in galleries,
I used to go to parties.
Check you out, you've done your triple X, I've had genetic tests,
we'd be the perfect partners
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