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The Pain Inside

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Why do things go wrong when they seem so right, troubles caused by blind flaws, I want to do what's right, every time I try I face failure right in the eyes

Things get harder. Day by day. Watch my future get taken away, you find things wrong behind the truth. Lookin' for a reason to say it through, pull the ground out from under me, just yourself, you don't care about me, one day you'll feel the pain I feel inside

I'm sick of the things that you say. They're just a lie then you walk away, leave me just standing there, there to bear. And it's not fair, now I've seen, I've used my head, situations turned around an you've fled

You can run. You can't hide, can's get away from your insides. Memories will be there to tantalize you, days go by, it affects you. Will you change or stay the same, you can't play those childish games. You're future doesn't look so bright and you're all filled with fright... INSIDE
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